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Sathyan, Let's Operationalise it (my CEO in 2007)

Value Streams Promoted
Sum (Projects Cost)
Capability Domains involved in
Resources Managed

Value Streams

Value creation occurs when Capabilites and Resources are architected in the right and timely manner. Technologies and Cognitive skills act as enablers.

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Projects Executed

Lack of data leads to Unknownness, which in turn leads to complexity. Though history never repeat it rhymes. Manage projects better using project activity data mart.

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Technology and Business Domains

Services are delivered to Customer's Context or Architecture. Domain knowledge gives you better understanding about how capabilities are integrated.

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Me - A Generalist

Success comes from a confluence of skills. If your business model is able to create, deliver and capture value, then how it is operationalised, what capabilities are in-sourced, the pace of capital deployment and how the relevance is sustained etc. are crucial. Since shared memory space for people's cognitive skillsdo not exist, generalists perform better.

Disruptive business models just find new ways to create, deliver and capture value through Bundling or Unbundling of existing services.

Nascent Ideas

An Author mentors the readers while readers extend their Knowledge Framework.

Skill - the Most Valuable Capital

Capacity and tenacity to Learn, Apply and add Value make you Rich. Deploy this Capital to make your Mark.

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