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Sathyan Nair

Tech Entrepreneur & Investor


I often wonder why people pay exhorbitant money for brands and came to the conclusion that by associating those brands with themselves, they think, their own brand value get a boost. Ok, makes sense. But what happens when super famous people buy those brands? Their brand value get transferred to product brand.

Human beings born with zero asset. They acquire knowledge and skills, and apply them to be well off. Some prefer to be asset rich, but with minimal focus on contributing to the world, even if in their own way. People get recognised for their contributions, so at some point in your life convert those personal assets to resources and usethem with your skills towards the betterment of world, so that ideally you own zero assets when you die.

Character is your greatest asset. Each individual have their own unique strengths. Your upbringing, schooling, reading, parents and freinds build your personality framework.

Capital and Network have got enormous advantage. At the same time, inequality is a drag on aggregate prosperity. The countries like Norway and Denmark have the least Gini Coefficient, meaning low inequality, and with lowest crime rates, though are high highest taxing countries.

System 2 Thinker

I am a System 2 thinker, as per the categorization by Daniel Kahnemann, who got Nobel prize in Economics.